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A-Z and Everything in Between

in Cheyenne Campus Life Enrichment

Gardening Success in Laramie County - LIFE*1863


with Catherine Wissner

Calendar Next available session starts May 21, 2022 at 10 am

We live in a high altitude, dry and windy location creating challenges growing anything from trees to vegetable gardens. In this boot camp gardening class, we will cover how to grow successfully in Laramie County. We will cover vegetable gardens, trees, shrubs, soils and soil amendments, irrigation basics and why we are not a zone 5.

Digital Photography Basics - LIFE*2018


with J. O'Brien

Calendar Next available session starts Jun 1, 2022 at 6 pm, runs for 3 weeks

You've got a new camera. It's got a bunch of buttons and settings you don't understand. Now what? Learn how to use it. In this class, students will learn the basic concepts and skills necessary for operating a digital camera starting with types of cameras, camera anatomy, shooting modes and how they work, and understanding the digital image. After we cover the basics of camera operation, we will cover how to get the most out of your camera through exploring photo composition. By the end of the course, each of you will have gained hands-on experience in basic digital photography techniques.

Cooking From Your Garden - LIFE*2057


with Petrina Peart

Calendar Next available session starts Jun 1, 2022 at 7 pm, runs for 5 weeks

The primary focus is to offer "healthier eating" options to help participants develop their cooking skills with hands-on training. Each class includes approximately 2 hours of cooking (or a little more) and ends with sharing the meal prepared. Participants will receive recipe packets to use in class and take home. Chef instruction on recipes, knife skills and cooking techniques. All food, cooking tools and other equipment should be provided on stie. All ages are welcome. However, students under 15 must be registered with an adult. Instructor specializes in allergen diets (gluten-free, dairy-free vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free, etc.).


Gardening Success - LIFE*1988


with Catherine Wissner

Calendar Next available session starts Jun 4, 2022 at 10 am
1 additional session on Jun 7, 2022

New to Cheyenne, just purchased a place in the country or wondering why things aren't going right? Gardening in Laramie County can be challenging on a good year. From helping your soil, water concerns, irrigation techniques, vegetable garden planning, growing tomatoes to trees we will cover all this and more.


Driver's Education - LIFE*1096


with Brian Kozak

Calendar Next available session starts Jun 6, 2022 at 5:15 pm, runs for 3 weeks

The driver’s education course is a program consisting of 30 classroom hours, six hours of in-car instruction (outside of classroom hours) and six hours of observation as set forth by the Wyoming State Department of Education. The course meets the basic requirements of the Wyoming Department of Transportation. REQUIREMENTS: (1) one parent must attend the first ½ hour to hour of the first class (for those students under 18); (2) student must have their driving permit prior to registration; (3) student must provide their own licensed and insured vehicle for the one-on-one driving portion of the class and; (4) attendance is required at each class for the certificate to be issued. Students who do not successfully complete the course may be eligible for additional instructional time for a fee. For more information on this program please see our website at lifeenrichment.

Congratulations, You Retired! Now What? - LIFE*1984
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Congratulations, You Retired! Now What? - LIFE*1984


with Betsy Collar


This class will address the social and emotional aspects of retirement that are rarely talked about. Upon retirement, the newly retired person may struggle with redefining their identity, grief over the loss of a daily schedule and purpose, reestablishing and redefining relationships and implementing old hobbies while discovering new past times. In this class, the topics of physical, spiritual and mental health will be addressed. William Bridges work in his book, "Transitions" will be referred to throughout the class. The financial aspects of retiring are not addressed in this class. Please come join us as we explore this new and exciting time in life together! *PLEASE FEEL FREE TO JOIN US EVEN IF RETIREMENT DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU. THE TOPIC OF TRANSITION AND LIFE CHANGES CAN BE GENERALIZED TO ANY LIFE CHANGE.

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